Never again will you be standing at the check in desk at the airport frantically thumbing through a handful of your familys passports to find the right one to hand over while a queue of impatient holiday makers tuts in unison behind you, get your, personalised Passport Cover and you know at a glance which is the right one.

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Our faux leather Passport covers are produced using the highest quality materials making them durable enough to last. They look awesome with photo quality prints – just upload your favourite photos and add some text, it is incredibly quick and very easy.faux leather passport cover

We heard from a customer who recently turned up at Gatwick airport excited to be going to Barcelona on her first holiday with a new boyfriend, they got to the check in desk and when she handed over her passport, to her horror she quickly discovered she had grabbed her Mums passport instead – aaargh nightmare!

Luckily on this occasion her super Mum came to the rescue and drove to Gatwick to deliver the correct passport and save the day but one of the first things she did on returning to the UK (after a lovely romantic holiday) was Google ‘personalised passport cover’ there she found Wrappz and now she is happily in possession of a lovely looking, disaster avoiding, passport cover with a photo of her and her new boyfriend on the front – aahh how cute.

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Design yours today and you will receive it in just 2 or 3 days – just in time for your summer hols