Summertime is here so that can only mean one thing, its wedding season and the excitement of sunshine and longer evenings means that there is no better time to have your wedding.

Personalised Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Thinking of the perfect gift to get for a wedding? Well haven’t you thought of any personalised gifts from jewellery boxes to photo blocks there’s almost anything you can personalise. Finding a gift isn’t easy, so if you’re struggling give something more personal and try to bring out your creative side there are many different personalised wedding gift ideas out there.

personalised photo cushion

Unique Wedding Gifts

Personalised Photo Cushions

Instead of just throwing away artwork you may have created why not turn that artwork into a personalised photo cushion with your personal favourite drawings or even paintings that have a personal meaning that will fill the bride and groom with happiness and nostalgia personalised wedding gift pillow cases are an excellent idea and definitely one you should try out for yourself.

Personalised Mugs

For those who enjoy a cup of tea or coffee personalised mugs is definitely the gift for them, it’s not just a mug it’s much more than that your able to add text, a slogan or even photos to give the mug more meaning it might be a photo of a special memory that you love and when ether the bride or groom receives the mug it will give them a big fat smile on their face and they’ll be able to appreciate it every day whilst having a coffee or tea.

personalised apron

Personalised Aprons

For all those brides that love to cook a personalised apron might be the gift for you. An apron is always useful in the kitchen when cooking with little rascals or even when baking but with a personalised apron it’s not just a boring plain apron but it has an identity and meaning as you can add a quirky slogan, cheeky bit of text or even a special photo to you.

I hope this blog has given you more of an insight to what creative gifts are out there to try out, so now it’s over to you to get the perfect gift!