What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a apple/android app which uses GPS and the camera of compatible devices, when playing the game it allows you as the player to capture, train or even battle virtual world creatures known as Pokémon’s who will appear on your devices screen in the real world. It was released in most countries in July 2016 and is free to download.

How does Pokémon go work?


After you create an account, you then create your own avatar by choosing their hair, eye colour, skin and garments. Once you have completed this, it is displayed at your current location with a map of your surroundings in real life. On the map there are various features including Poke stops and Poke Gyms.

At these Poke stops they provide the players with different items such as: poke balls and potions which can be equipped with items which are called lures and they attract wild and rare Pokémon. The poke gyms on the other hand are battle locations for certain types of battles.

As you move you avatar moves on the in game map. So this game is very much to do with what you do in real life.

The cost of Pokémon go

There is no cost in downloading Pokémon Go, however there are some in-game purchases you can make but this is completely up to you.

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