The response to the iPhone 8 wasn’t as expected. A much muted reaction with small queues makes us question the demand. All previous releases from Apple have had great sales figures, however the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus seemed to have not followed that pattern. View features of the new iPhone 8.

Despite this, people believe it’s due to the iPhone X being released just over a month later. Users are waiting around for the £999 iPhone which may explain why demand for the iPhone 8 hasn’t been as high as previous iPhone’s.

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In previous years, Apple saw queues of people waiting outside stores on the day of release. Yet, this year big stores such as Regent Street, London only saw a handful of fans. Will this change on November the 3rd when the iPhone X is released?

A price drop for the iPhone 7

Reports are showing that more people are buying the iPhone 7 (released in 2016) compared to the iPhone 8 that was released just last month. This adds to the talk that most people are holding out for the iPhone X.

It is suggested that the reason the iPhone 7 has had resurgence in sales is due to the price drop after the Apple event in September. Prices went from £599 to £549.

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