Samsung’s release of the Galaxy 10.1 tablet has sparked a revolution in the tablet industry. Shop for your personalised skin for £12.95 here.

No other 10.1 inch tablet with Android 6, LTE and full-HD display offers what this tablet does.

The Great Abilities of the Tablet

It has the ability to bring your content to life with the amazingly high screen resolution, offering one of the best viewing experiences in the mobile device market.

With twice as many pixels as other HD screens, you can enjoy stunning quality whilst using the tablet.

Use It on Other Platforms

Samsung tablet

A favourite feature of the tablet is the ability to switch your viewing perspective in an instant.

Connect to Wi-Fi and watch your tablets content appear on your TV – no need for messy cables, just a connection. This feature is perfect for watching your favourite TV shows with the family. Essentially it protects your case even more, just like our skins. Design yours now.

Need Somewhere Special to Store Your Memories?

There is no longer a worry of missing your family’s precious moments with the incredible camera that has been fitted into this brand new tablet.

An 8MP camera, autofocus, F1.9 aperture and advanced HDR feature means your memories can be creatively stored so you can look back in the future.

Or even if you see yourself as a bit of an amateur photographer, you can play around with camera modes such as Pro Mode, Continuous Shot and Panorama to let your creativity outshine itself.

What’s Not So Great About the Samsung Tablet?

You can take your pick with a choice of either a black or white casing – some have said the black one has a smoother finished compared to the white tablet. Buy here to make your tablet unique.

Despite this, many have stated that the finish of the tablet looks slightly fake. The back is made from plastic with a slightly leather feel, but this also makes it easier to grip removing the worry of damaging it.