Ever since the release of both the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge in March 2016, the praise received about their design, specs and cameras have been unbelievable.

However, talk about the newest Samsung phone Galaxy S8 has been nonstop, discussing how the company can improve even more.

Especially after the extensive damage from the Galaxy Note, Samsung really have powered them, and many are hoping for this to continue.

The release of the new Galaxy is soon after the New Year (hoping)

Many believe it will Samsung’s flagship of 2017, with an early release date in February – some

Samsung Galaxyeven think it will be revealed at the MWC event as this has been the tradition of previous launches.

What are the latest rumours?

Rather than a release of one flat models and one curved, it is suggested that there will be a release of two curved models instead. This is likely due to the increased demand for it and also, it gives off a better viewing experience and designed for covers to fit it perfectly, ensuring complete comfort.

The second device released is likely to be a bigger version of the original at a size of 6.2 inches – definitely bigger than the majority of competitors such as Apple. The original is claimed to be at a size of 5.7 inches.

Revelations that Samsung want to introduce

Rumours have occurred that Samsung are aiming to diminish the home button and integrate it into the display panel instead. This is designed to fit the entire front of the Galaxy with just screen.

In addition to the changing screen, Park Won-Sang (Principal engineer for Samsung display) stated that they were aiming to introduce an OLED display with a greater than 90% screen-to-body ratio. He also revealed that Samsung hoped to design a handset with 99% screen-to-body ratio within the next few years.