The new version of the Galaxy s2 was released earlier this year in September 2016.

The fight continues between Apple and Samsung with the new Samsung Galaxy s2 being the top rival of the iPad 4.

Our favourite features of the Samsung Galaxy s2

The recently new designed Galaxy comes in a range of 2 colours, either black and white – both equally as elegant. They are designed to be lightweight and thin to maximise the quality and comfort when you are using.

latest samsung deviceYou want to watch a movie AND text your friends at the same time? Now, that is possible with the split screen mode – such an exciting feature.

Samsung said a massive change in the camera quality was about to happen with this tablet. Enhancing clearer and brighter images with a new 8MP camera and 1.9 aperture lens. Even in low lighting it is still possible.

How users have found the Samsung Galaxy

Users have a choice of 2 screen sizes, one being 8.0 inch screen and the other being the 9.7. On both, users have said the screen resolution is impeccable and unbelievable – something that is always expected of Samsung.

The design of the tablet is one of the best looking tablets, by Samsung to date – highly attractive to users.

Although such positive results, many have said the battery life isn’t much different, and can even be worse than previous versions of the tablet. The camera changes haven’t been efficient and some even describing the camera as ‘average’.

Reviews on the Samsung Galaxy s2