Well February has arrived, and that means Samsung is back to tantalise us as it gets ready to unveil the most recent smartphone in its flagship Galaxy S range.

It is most likely that the launch will on the 1st of March in Barcelona, at the same time as the telecom industry’s big trade show in Spain – Mobile World Congress.

samsung phone caseSomething very interesting about Samsung’s event invitation is that it teasingly suggests that the new Galaxy smartphone could be curved. The curved lines seen in the teaser is not unlike that of the curved edge of the Galaxy Note Edge, which itself was a variant of the Galaxy Note 4 which Samsung released in 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – New Features

It doesn’t seem overly likely that Samsung will give the Galaxy S6, which we assume the next version will be called, a feature that has yet to be proved popular with customers, although maybe it will release an ‘Edge’ version of the device alongside the main version, who knows. It does seem a possibility though when you consider that Samsung filed for a patent which showed a curved design on both sides of the screen, you can see the patent description here at Sam Mobile.

Something else to note about the forthcoming Galaxy S6 is that it will operate on a Samsung chip instead of one from Qualcomm as it does usually. Qualcomm itself looked like it confirmed the rumours to be true. Apparently the big change is due to the firms recent chipset overheating. Not long now and we will all be able to see just how big a difference this change makes to the overall product and user experience.

Seeing as Samsung recently reported its first yearly profit fall in the last three years we think it is reasonable to assume that there is an awful lot riding on the success of the next Galaxy S smartphone. The series of Galaxy devices has, for a long time been the company’s most profitable and successful at generating awareness from customers so March will be an important month for Samsung.