It’s time to switch between Android and Windows 8

Technology giant Samsung has unveiled a new tablet that gives users the opportunity to switch between the Android and Windows 8 operating systems.

The Ativ Q device, which comes shortly after Asus launched its own laptop-tablet hybrid that runs both systems, can be folded out for typing or set to act as a stand – making it a perfect purchase for professionals.

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samsung galaxy tab skin

In addition, the product has a 13.3-inch screen sitting over a keyboard to utilise the laptop function, as well as a stylus to support both functions, reports BBC News.

The Ativ Q runs off Intel’s latest Haswell chip, offering up to nine hours of battery life for on-the-go consumers. The organisation also added that the screen has been designed to be bright enough for use outside on a sunny day.

It seems Samsung is focusing on the increasing trend of remote working with its new tablet-laptop hybrid – and many other developers are set to follow suit with future releases, analysts have claimed.

Chris Green, principal technology analyst at Davies Murphy Group, said: “It’s a very cost-effective way for manufacturers to offer extra value to consumers at a time when it’s very hard to differentiate benefits from one device to another.”

“You can tap into the industry-standard Windows productivity solutions – from Office to third-party programs – as well as all the mobile apps of Google’s system. It’s the logical next step.”

Ativ Tab 3 Touchscreen Computer – Smart PC Tablet

unique tablet accessoriesAnother product unveiled by Samsung this week was the Ativ Tab 3 touchscreen computer, which the company hailed as the world’s thinnest tablet to run the full Windows 8 system.

In addition, the organisation’s developers launched the Galaxy NX – a camera allowing its lenses to be changed, while running off the Android system and supporting 4G data transfers.

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