December, the time of year when nights get colder, drinks get hotter and Christmas gets closer. Secret Santa is another thing that happens around Christmas time. Hats are filled with names, all ready to be picked out.

However, getting gifts for certain people can be difficult, which is why we have designed the perfect secret Santa guide just for you.

The mug with a difference

Why not give somebody a new lease of life by designing a mug for their morning cuppa. You can even write them a little message allowing them to keep guessing as to who bought them their new favourite mug, you can even tell a joke.

A present for the memory hoarder

For all those that love having their treasured memories on show wherever they go, this secret Santa gift is perfect. For just £15.95 you can make their Christmas special by personalising a glass panel with one of their most cherished moments – certainly a memory they will never forget.

Now, where do you put your drinks?

personalised christmas gift

Many secret Santa gifts are typical, but this one has a twist – leather or hardboard coasters starting at £9.99. You even have the chance to add a favourite image on that holds special memories from all year round, start adding to the twist.

For all of those who love their kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of the home, adding special touches to it transforms it completely and makes them love it even more. By creating a glass cutting board with a family picture or message, you can make somebody fall in love all over again for just £14.95?

Watch the snow fall with the ultimate secret santa gift

The perfect time of year for snow globes is Christmas, so what better way of showing somebody how much you appreciate them by watching the festive weather over a picture of the two of you. Sit back, shake and the snow will fall. The perfect Christmas gift for both friends and family.