Android apps are a dime a dozen. Their popularity and wide range of categories are accessed and utilized by millions of users. In fact, there are millions of various applications available on the Google Play Store platform. It is safe to assume that most of these apps are used as per the research conducted by Strategy Analytics show that Android heads the smartphone market by a staggering 81 percent share rate.

android apps and smartphonesIn this respect, many businesses seek to develop their own Android apps, in order to engage and connect with their wide customer base and open market. So, if you’re a business just getting started or have been in the game, but are late to the Android development app party then it is time to get going. Below are some prime advantages a business can reap when using a reliable Android platform for creating and developing mobile apps.

Android Platforms

Most businesses enjoy an Android platform due to its open source nature. The platform itself provides numerous, easy to use tools, and instinctual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that all gear the process of development. The advent of IDE makes it so countless experienced and skilled Android app developers are ready for hire in the wide market and can help your business make the most out of Android apps.

Why Choose Android?

Android is the most popular and most widely used OS, allowing businesses to grow and expand. Building a higher customer base, increasing sales, and ultimately profit with leading manufacturers including Samsung and Sony.

Furthermore, Android has consistently been the most preferred platform when it comes to developing customized mobile apps. Because of its range of possibilities it can develop and create any app a business conceives of.

It is also important to note that it is so much cheaper developing an Android app as opposed to developing an IOS app. This option helps your business maintain a cost-effective solution when developing mobile apps. In addition, while costs may be reduced quality is not as the popularity of the Android platform app clearly demonstrates that.

Developing an Android app isn’t the least bit time consuming. Because of that luxury, businesses can create and launch a mobile app within a given time frame, record its results among its target audience and move on to creating the next app.

Android is a renowned platform for giving small and heavyweight businesses equal opportunity to burst onto the mobile app market. As the platform is straightforward, easy to use, inexpensive, and doesn’t require a whole lot of time.

Android Apps

Millions of apps exist free of charge on Google Play store. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make your apps free of charge as well. You can keep your app free of charge on Google Play Store to attract customers then include an in-app purchase option or select in-app advertising to help increase your revenue.

Android has a wide array of highly exceptional features that make for outstanding apps. For instance, app develops can utilize options such as accelerometer, SQLite, magnetometer, etc. to develop a high quality app.

The Android app market is a competitive and fierce one. It is a strong possibility your business may lose more than it gains, if you do not utilize this lucrative market resourcefully and skillfully. Therefore, be sure to make the most out of developing your mobile apps by knowing what best resonates with your customers.