Smartphone manufacturers are focusing less on hardware and more on operating systems and applications when designing new handsets, one technology expert has claimed.

According to the Financial Times, major companies – including BlackBerry and Samsung – are taking new and innovative approaches to their production methods in order to give users the best experience possible when using their gadgets.

7070992With the rise of the iPhone 5 as the most popular smartphone among UK consumers, it seems many companies are trying to win back former users by developing the most exciting products possible.

And it is up to each user to ensure they find the mobile phone that is most suited to their needs, whether that be business use, playing games or keeping in touch with friends and family.

The Financial Times article points to the BlackBerry Z10 for those people who utilise their gadgets to deal with corporate affairs. With this device, its producer is looking to win back customers who are looking to check their emails and other documents as quickly as possible.

A wide range of personalised phone cases are available for those business users who are looking to jazz up their boring handsets and show off their personality through the devices they utilise every day.

It seems smartphone manufacturers are increasingly favouring applications and other features to improve user experience for customers, while ensuring their products become a must-have for all tech-savvy individuals.

smartphoneThe shift in focus to this means that it is even more important to ensure your smartphone is protected against harm with a cover. Rather than opting for the usual black or clear plastic cases, users can now select from a wide variety that are suited to every purpose and occasion.

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