They say every photograph tells a story. This saying is so very true, but the way in which we view photographs and images is constantly changing. Long gone are the days of rooting out photo albums, as we now live in the digital world where photographs can be downloaded and printed onto anything, including photo cushions.

Photo Cushions Using Images & Text

Creating your own design using text and images will never go out of fashion, it also packs a powerful punch. Combine photos of your children with words that echo their personality, such as brave, caring, or love. Use images of a favourite place or object and use a line of text to explain that image. All that matters is that the photo and the text are meaningful to you.

Keep it simple
If you are unsure of where to start with your cushion display, then keep it simple. Choose one colour and work with that, or opt for monochrome. Using one main colour will make mixing and matching cushions that much easier. The use of black and white photo cushions will also create added interest.

Create a corner display
If you only want to use a few cushions in your living room, then why not opt for a corner display. Use one cushion in a different shape, such as a heart or rectangle showing a favourite image, and then surround this with traditionally shaped cushions. Keep the selection eclectic and meaningful to you.

Go for comfort

What is really important to remember is that cushions are intended for comfort and that feeling of belonging at home. Use what size and shape are comfortable to you. Place personalised cushions in your bedroom that show images of your favourite things. Use them in the conservatory that depict photographs of your favourite cafes. Do what makes you feel comfortable.

For more inspiration on styling your home using cushions take a look at this awesome page on London Essentials.

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