Following the announcement of last week’s Tesco Hudl tablet, the device has hit the shelves in 1,000 of the supermarket giant’s stores and is also available for purchase online.

Offered in purple, red, black and blue, the device was launched to serve as a low-cost option – and with a price tag of just £119, it’s likely to be a popular choice for those who want to enjoy the freedom that a tablet offers, while sticking to a budget. What’s more, Tesco shoppers who have built up a collection of loyalty points on their Clubcards could potentially purchase the device for even less, using the company’s ‘Boost’ scheme.
Tesco Hudl Spec

The Hudl runs on the Jelly Bean version of Google’s Android operating system and features a seven-inch HD screen, 1.5GHz quad-core processor, a 3MP camera and up to 9.5 hours of battery life. The device also comes with 16GB of built-in storage, which can be upgraded to 48GB with an additional memory card.

However, tech experts reckon that Tesco will have to work pretty hard for the Hudl to succeed in the competitive tablet market – especially with the price of so many well-known brands getting near the £100 mark. In fact, Amazon’s Kindle Fire already retails at just £99.

Speaking to the Guardian, Ben Wood, mobile analyst at CCS Insight said: “The tablet market is unbelievably competitive with extremely narrow margins, but that’s something that Tesco is used to.”
Meanwhile, the Telegraph’s technology editor, Matt Warman, explained: “The Hudl is aiming at a market that isn’t technology savvy but is interested, is aware of the iPad and knows that apps and the internet offer a whole new world from a shopping and entertainment perspective.”

He reckons that the Kindle Fire is likely to be the Hudl’s biggest competition: “If that’s the market that Tesco is aiming for then it’s got a huge fight on its hands and its competition isn’t just Apple.”

Last week, Amazon unveiled the latest version of its Kindle Fire tablet, which features a button that connects users to live technical support 24-hours a day.

Tesco Android Tablet – Hudl Unboxing