There are many types of cases/skins available from wooden to personalised cases there’s so many to choose from and I’m going to tell you about a few.

Faux Leather Phone Cases

These cases are visually beautiful and are made from the highest quality leather and have the capabilities to be personalised into a masterpiece. You’ll be able to design your faux leather phone case within minutes.

iPhone 7 Plus phone case

iPhone 7 Plus Wooden Phone Cases

You can pick from our customers top 5 wooden cases:

  1. Walnut
  2. Oak
  3. Pine
  4. Cherry
  5. Mahogany

There are many reasons why a wooden case is a good choice they are very durable, aseptically pleasing, traditional and high quality.

Wood is a beautiful material and has so much to offer if you’re feeling to make your wooden case more personal to you, you are able to personalise the case by engraving an image or text of your choice into the wood itself.

Clear Phone Case

The clear case is a stunning alternative to any other popular case with its unique style. 100% PC material and can provide you with excellent protection from any drops/falls that happen. The colour is long-lasting, with exotic colours and will make your phone stand out and put offers to shame.

Personalised Phone Cases

The world’s favourite phone case the personalised phone case you can literally personalise any type of phone case such as: clear case, faux leather, leather wallet cases, plastic etc.

What makes them so special is you can be as creative as you like and create fun and quirky designs or you can use a photo from a memorable moment/ day you can do whatever you want!