Laptops are built to be portable but can still be a little cumbersome to carry around. iPhones and iPads however are more geared toward comfort and portability. The one issue with those devices is they tend to lack the storage capacity which desktops or laptops have. The clever people at Apple have come to the rescue with four different helpful features that make it easier to add higher storage capacity on recent iOS devices ranging from 64GB to 128GB, depending on the device. Now that’s a vast improvement on the measly 16GB basic model. When you consider the need to store all of your thousands of photos and videos, 128GB may still not be enough storage space for an iPad.

ipad storageThankfully there are now numerous accessories and products for iOS devices that help increase storage volume and make the process accessible and relatively inexpensive. Below are four features you can explore and implement to help improve your device’s storage space.

Seagate Wireless and Wireless Plus

Seagate’s revolutionary wireless hard drives make it so you can connect any of your computers and mobile devices to the hard drive via a Wi-Fi network and access the files stored on the hard drive. You can access the Seagate hard drive anytime it is powered on to connect to your network. This wireless hard drive can range from $150-$500 depending on what storage size you decide to purchase, but comes in very handy when using an iPhone or iPad.

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Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2

Unlike Seagate, Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 sets it up so that instead of a wireless hard drive you add your own storage via thumb drives and SD cards. The device is equipped to establish its own wireless network, enabling you with a point of entry from all drives. You can connect using the ethernet port located on the device, or alternatively connecting it to a wireless network via its complimentary app.

It is then seamless to move content between devices from an iPhone or iPad to the MobileLite. The disadvantage here is having to juggle two separate devices (the MobileLite in addition to the thumb drive or SD card), but that is still not a good enough reason to discredit the option altogether. Furthermore, the device is quite inexpensive with its retail price currently set at $31 on Kingston’s website.

iPhone Storage Using Leef iBridge

Now moving on from wireless storage devices, the Leef iBridge is a small attachment that looks more like rock climbing gear than a storage device. When connecting the Leef iBridge to your iPhone or iPad it will require you to install the app and run it. Pleasantly, once you open the app your photos will be instantly backed up onto the drive. From that point on you can decide how to manage your other content however you please. Moreover, the Leef app makes it easier to distinguish what is already stored on your device, what is stored on the app, and what is stored on the iBridge. The app’s available storage units range from 16GB (sold for $60) stretching to 246GB (sold for $400).

iPhone Storage Depending how much content you have to move around on your iPhone or iPad, consider one of these three storage apps to figure out which would work best for you.

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