The iPhone is just one of those smartphones you can’t help but like. Not only can you take calls but you can stream music and watch videos too. Therefore, when it comes to accessories, they tend to be comprised of products that are designed to protect or expand on the iPhone’s use and design.

Below are 10 popular top iPhone 6 accessories

1. The Feather Case by Incipio

Protect your iPhone with a sturdy polymer case which is no more than 1mm thick. The extremely thin case is offered in a variety of colors.

2. The Elago Privacy Filter and Screen Protector

iPhone 6 accessories

Keep curiosity at bay with this filter and screen protector that physically safeguards the iPhone display as well as what is being read too.

3. Gauge the Weather and Noise with the Netamo Weather Station

A nifty iPhone gadget, the Netamo weather station provides daily weather data while synced with your iPhone. The device can be purchased with a rain gauge as well. If you live in the city, the technology measures noise pollution levels too.

4. The Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

Worn either on the wrist or mounted on a “Bloom” stainless steel necklace, this space age type tracker will monitor all your activities from walking around the block to playing basketball at the gym. The device’s halo of lights allows you to see just how close you are to meeting your fitness objectives.

5. The Juice Pack Air by Mophie

Keep your phone’s batteries charged in a super slim and streamlined case and almost double the life of the iPhone’s built-in battery.

6. The Clock Radio by iHome iP9BR

Charge your iPhone while enjoying all the amenities of this complementary iPhone device. The radio comes with eight settings for the display clock as well as its own remote.

7. The Automatic

Keep track of the gas you use and get the low-down on just what the check engine light means when you use The Automatic. The iPhone accessory gives you full details about how your car is handling and its overall performance.

glitter iPhone skin

8. The Bluetooth In-Car Speaker by MotoROKR (Motorola)

Answer calls hands-free while listening to music with this innovative in-car speaker. The music pauses so you can take iPhone calls or listen to messages.

9. The EnGive Car Mount

If you plan any time on the road, then the EnGive Car mount is a necessary addition. Fastening on with the lock clip and suction cup, the EnGive is the ideal way to keep your iPhone’s notifications and maps safely visible.

10. The Pocket Projector by Optoma PICO

Watch your iPhone’s videos or slides on a blank wall in a darkened room with this handy little gadget that only measures four inches long and weighs a mere 4 ounces. Images stretch about five feet across the wall.