The iPhone is a truly wonderful device. It is designed to be a tool of productivity and enjoyment. There are many shortcuts built in to the phone to make your life easier.

Here are the top 10 iPhone shortcuts that you can use to make your phone usage a lot more convenient:

1. Change Spotlight Search Order

The Spotlight Search is an excellent feature. To change the order, go to Settings and select Spotlight Search. You can then move the categories up and down to alter the order in which the phone searches content.

2. Shake to Undo

This is easily one of the best features. If you have typed a long sentence and deleted it, you can simply shake your phone slightly and watch the sentence magically reappear on your screen!

3. Zoom In

If you find it difficult to view all the content on your iPhone properly, you can activate the Zoom feature from the Accessibility Options via Settings.

4. Open all PDFs in iBooks

To do this, simply long hold on a PDF until you get a screen prompt that says “Open in iBooks.”

5. Change Background Display

The iPhone has vivid white menu colours when you take it out of the box. However, you can switch the colours to black. Go to Settings and tap on Accessibility. You will see an option that says “White on Black.” Turn it on. The colours on your phone will invert.

6. More Symbols

There are many symbols in the iPhone’s keyboard. Tap 123 and then tap on the Symbols iconp; long-hold on every symbol to see numerous iterations.

7. Create a Home Screen for a Website

To do this, upload the website using Safari. Press the “+” button on the bottom right, and tap on the “Add to Home Screen” option.

8. Screen Lock

If you are tired of the iPhone 6 rotating every time you tilt the phone, you can lock its orientation. Simply tap the home button twice and scroll towards the left. You will see a square shaped icon in gray with a circular arrow. Tap on it, and your screen orientation will lock.

9. Voice Over

You can turn eBooks into audio books too. The Voice Over option can be found in the Accessibility Settings.

10. The Delete Swipe

Swipe any message towards the right and a button will appear that says “Delete.” It’s simple and very efficient!

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