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With summer well and truly upon us, scores of Brits will be heading abroad over the next few weeks to soak up some sun or explore a foreign city. In years gone by this would have involved packing a Lonely Planet guide, phrasebook and map, but the growing popularity of the smartphone means all this, and more, can be accessed from a mobile handset in the form of apps.The question is, which ones are worth installing? Here is our pick of some of the best smartphone apps to download before you jet off this summer.

smartphone holiday appsTripAdvisor

Available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, the TripAdvisor app allows easy access to what is one of the most valuable resources for holidaymakers.

It provides impartial reviews of restaurants, bars and attractions all over the world, meaning you can make an informed decision on where to eat and drink while you’re away and avoid any nasty surprises. It even offers directions to minimise the chances of you getting lost on the way to dinner.


Exclusive to iPhone and iPad, Camera+ is a worthwhile upgrade on the stock camera app, thanks to its built-in editing tools and filters. It’s perfect for taking and tweaking holiday snaps, which can then be shared with friends back home on Instagram or Facebook. You could even use a photo from your time away as the basis for a custom iPhone 5 skin that will remind you of your holiday long after you’ve returned.

Google Translate

Being stuck in a foreign country with limited knowledge of the language can be difficult, but Google’s Translate app should be enough to help you get by. It can translate text and speech from over 70 languages, and even use your smartphone’s built in camera to pick up foreign words – for example on a menu or train station timetable – and translate them for you. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices


This currency translation tool can take the pain out of budgeting on your travels, helping you work out exactly how much a meal, museum ticket or glass of wine will take out of your budget. It’s especially useful if you’re planning on visiting more than one country that use different currencies while you’re away, and can even calculate the approximate charge of paying by credit or debit card while you’re away.

google apps

Google Maps

Navigating a foreign city, either on foot, by car or on public transport, can be a nerve wracking experience, but Google Maps should help ease the stress somewhat. Available for iPhone and Android devices, it gives comprehensive mapping of most places around the globe, as well as turn-by-turn directions to guide you to your destination.

With this holiday app you can use street view, which lets you check out the restaurant or bar you’re trying to find before you head off, and the app will even tell give you an estimate of how long your journey will take.

Of course, using your smartphone abroad can result in hefty phone bills if you aren’t careful, so it may be a good idea to take advantage of public Wi-Fi networks as much as possible while you’re out and about, or plan your journey using your hotel’s Wi-Fi before you set out for the day.

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