Make Student Life Easier

Uni life can be hard, but with the use of apps along with your studying can make things a whole lot easier.

Below are 4 of our favourite apps for students.

Lecture recordings is up and coming

Soundnote is the most vastly used recording app on iOS. Whilst recording audio, it tracks what you type and draw – all at the same time. If you need to skip to a certain part in your lecture, repeat a word and it will skip straight to that part. Perfect for those students who fall asleep in lectures too!

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Sharing is caring

You can personalise your learning experience with GoConqr. The app includes a library of over 4 million resources – or you can create your own to share with others. For a social learning experience, you can discuss and share your knowledge with over 2 million members.

You can create mind-maps, revision cards, notes, slides, quizzes all with this one app. Available on both android and iPhone.

Countdown your day so you don’t miss it

Exam Countdown is an app that keys in all your important exam dates and provides a daily countdown. There are also features that help you maintain your revision and you can also get tips and tricks from students and examiners. A simple app, but highly effective.

Stop those distractions and get going

We all know how hard it is to use your phone whilst revising because of all the other distractions that are there – all your social media’s and friends messaging you.

With Self Control for Study, it blocks the use of other apps for a period of time (however long you set it). Now you definitely don’t have an excuse.

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