With today’s technology, it allows you to complete more tasks in a shorter time frame – boosting your productivity.

There are thousands of apps in the world of smartphone’s and with this guide; you are bound to find the perfect one for you. You can also find the perfect phone case for you, start designing here.

Download Inkflow – the Visual Thinking App

This app allows the artist inside an individual to really come out. You can create and capture your ideas with this thoughtfully designed app. Show your phone off with one of our cases. Shop now.

With this app you can re-arrange and re-produce any of the ideas that you have created with the simple touch of a button.Apps for productivity

If you don’t have a piece of paper, or a pen nearby this is the perfect place for you to quickly scribble down your notes, or even to start drawing what you have in mind.

The doodling aspect of Inkflow is to help you focus as previous studies have discovered that doodling is a way of focusing.

The Team Tracker App

Asana is the app for created for teams to complete tasks and projects. You can spark conversations with one another. You can spark your phone too. Click here.

Whilst you’re on the go, you can add or even edit the tasks you have inputted previously. Add reminders, requests, due dates or even assignments that you want in a certain period and Asana will be sure to remind you.

It’s a great way to track all of the work you and your team complete. All for free. Download now.

Increase Your Productivity with Music

If you’re somebody who lives for listening to music whilst you work, but can sometimes be easily distracted. Then focus@will is the one for you.

Focus@will acts as a productivity platform that allows you professionals to be even more productive – helping you to focus faster, longer and to reduce distractions. Don’t let your phone distract you either, protect it here.

With over 50 channels created all showing what’s called ‘brain music’. They are all edited and re-produced meaning you can’t find this music anywhere else. Get your work done with Focus@Will.

Keep the World Together In One App

Discover and read all of the stories that captivate and will have an impact on your life.

Flipboard is an award-winning social magazine that is used by millions of people, every single day.

You can have a personalised selection of articles, blog posts and cover stories all from trusted publishers that are all related to what interests you. Download it here.

This app is perfect for keeping all the latest news stories in one place, rather than switching from each one.

Keep up to date with the world. And keep on trend with your phone. Buy a new phone skin now.