The changes of technology over the past 10 years has been dramatic, we can now do so much more whilst we are away from home.

One of the biggest things is the ability to listen to music on the go. Constant entertainment. Even from your phone, cover it in an effects skin and watch your phone light up for just £8.95. Buy now.

We have made a list of our favourite music apps that are all free and offer a massive range of music, suited for everybody.

 Google Play Music

With Google’s music app, you can listen to any music collection whilst out and about. There are also a range of handpicked playlists, radio stations and a recommendations feature that is purely based on the music you listen to.

If you download it now, you can get the first two months free, no adverts, no interruptions, Musicjust pure relaxation.

Listen to your favourite music, even when you are offline.

Apple Music

The creation by Apple is their first streaming service, listen to any piece of music you like wherever you are. Find out more.

The app isn’t just available for iOS phones, but also Android branching out to other phones. Just like our range of phone cases, shop here.

With one of the biggest ranges of music collections, playlists, radios and the latest charts and music releases, your favourite songs will be here.

Shazam Music App

This app is for those that always listens to public music, loves it, but just doesn’t know what song it is, and searches extensively to find it.

Shazam is the app that makes this much easier. It has the ability to detect songs AND TV shows in just a few seconds.

There is also a feature that has your countries top music charts – simply amazing.


Hear the worlds music by downloading Soundcloud. This app is for those who love listening to music, as well as making your own.

Listen to music that’s in your feed, or use the search bar to look for new, up and coming music.

A massive library to explore.


Listen to single tracks or even a full albums, add them to your playlist all for free. Click here.

However, the free option does come with a few adverts, but you can buy your first free months for £0.99 – a Christmas offer from Spotify themselves. Nothing can beat our Christmas offer though, enjoy 15% off when you shop with us. Browse here.