Baby gifts can be very expensive and difficult to find so if you have a friend or relative going on maternity leave we’ve got some excellent advice on what gifts to buy. Everyone normally goes for the typical gifts such as: baby clothes, toys and cots. However, we offer you information on what unique gifts are out there.

Photo Snow Globe

Tsnow globe custom gifthese are brilliant upcoming gift that will have your friend/relatives baby absolutely fascinated for ages. These are so easy to create all you have to do is pick a style/design which is fun and then upload what you want on the front and back of the snow globe with Wrappz and they’ll create the snow globe for you so there’s no hassle but in fact extremely fun.

Personalised Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Thinking of something outside the box well a personalised jigsaw puzzle is definitely that Wrappz provide a fantastically made quality wooden jigsaw that are fun to make and unique as I guarantee no else will be creating a personalised jigsaw puzzle. You can create the puzzle to be a special photo or even text as the little baby puts it together he/she will see the jigsaw come to life!box-photo-frame

Baby Gift Box Frame

It’s a alternative to the traditional framing. You can have a design or even a photo that meaning to you or to make a statement these products really will make an impact in a baby’s room or any room for that matter. The image that has been printed is always finished with a breathtaking satin laminate to protect the image and to maintain its wow factor.

They also provide the box photo with a frame (flush mount hanging system which helps to create visual impact these are one of the best selling wall art products available.

High Quality Box Frames from £39.95!