Do you go for style, functionality or trends?

Owning the best smartphones on the market has become an integral way of life for some image-conscious consumers, who value the appearance of their gadgets just as much as their functions.

But how would you feel if you found out your preference of mobile handset actually says a lot about your personality? And that some people can formulate a judgement of you, simply by going off which gizmos you possess?

Latest Studies

A new study commissioned by TalkTalk Mobile has done exactly that – claiming that iPhone owners are typically more vain individuals, spending more money on clothes and grooming than BlackBerry users.

original blackberry casesResearchers, who quizzed 2,000 smartphone owners, found fans of the signature Apple products tend to find themselves as more attractive than their rival gadget counterparts.

However, it would seem BlackBerry owners are more likely to have a hectic lifestyle, with this type of consumer sending more messages and emails – as well as making a higher number calls – than iPhone fans.

Blackberry Fanatics

In addition, analysts found those people who own a BlackBerry are likely to own more than those people with other smartphones, having an average of £2,500 extra in their bank accounts than those who favour alternative devices.

If money and appearance are not really your thing, then you may choose to select an Android handset next time you purchase a smartphone, as these consumers typically have the best manners, are the best cooks and watch more TV than other users.

Dan Meader – director of Mobile at TalkTalk – said: “The mobile phone is no longer just about calls – it contains our pictures, our music, our videos and our diary. It’s an incredibly personal item, so it’s no surprise to see we become quite proud of our choice and even define ourselves by it.”

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