A recent study has found that, one in eight single men would rather get the new phone than meet a new partner. Meanwhile, an additional three percent said they would consider dumping their current partner if they could have the new phone instead, the Telegraph reports.

While the iPhone 7s will certainly be a lovely piece of technology, it turns out it’s not the only gadget that the men would sacrifice their love life for. Indeed, five per cent of those asked said they would break up with their spouse for a smartphone made by companies other than Apple – such as Samsung, HTC, Sony and Nokia.

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With its sleek design and fantastic new features including;

  1. A fingerprint scanner
  2. 4G connectivity
  3. and high-spec camera

not to mention the latest incarnation of iOS, the iPhone 7s is certainly a gadget that tops the list of coveted items.

However, for at least a certain number of gents out there, the newest iPhone means much more than a few rounds of Candy Crush and a chance to improve their Instagram photography.

One man explained that he’d been going out with a girl for three years, “but if it meant getting my hands on a new iPhone, she’d be dumped instantly?”.

Another said that he wouldn’t leave his girlfriend for the iPhone 7s. “I may be tempted when it comes to the new Samsung Galaxy” he quipped.

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Commenting on the surprising findings, a spokesman – “You don’t expect to see one in eight men prepared to forgo love, or in the case of three per cent, ditch their current partner to get their hands on an iPhone 7s.”

He also explained that the brand has fostered an extremely high level of loyalty, demonstrated with so many people queuing up outside stores for hours – or even days – to get hold of the newest device.

“The Apple product has a wide variety of functions but even the iPhone’s most recent incarnation can’t offer some of the things romance can,” he added.

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