design your own tote bagPersonalised bag for life with your images and text. On the 5th October 2015 the law in England changed and now large shops in England are required to charge 5p for all single-use plastic carrier bags.

This aims to reduce the use of single-use plastic carrier bags, and the litter associated with them, by encouraging people to re-use bags.

In 2016 customers were given over 7.6 billion single-use plastic bags by major supermarkets in England, which equates to approximately 140 bags per person (61,000 tonnes). From just £29.95 you could create a one of a kind tote.

The numerous challenges to our environment caused by plastic bags include the length of time to degrade, damage to wildlife and visibility when littered in our towns, parks and the countryside.

As a direct result of the new charge the government expects to see a significant reduction of around 80% in the use of single-use plastic carrier bags – the scheme already running In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland saw plastic bag use reduce by 79% in its first 3 years.

Studies on the scheme have advised that the benefit to the UK economy could be in excess of £780 million with carbon savings of around £13 million

Get Your Personal Bag For Life

So what’s the alternative? Re-useable bags, or `bags for life’ as they have become known are made from a variety of materials more durable than disposable plastic bags, allowing multiple use.

Our cotton canvas bags come in a variety of sizes and are made from 100%, 10oz canvas material which is both heavyweight and durable. Our smaller bags are lined with a water resistant, wipeable and durable nylon lining, and come with a magnetic closure. Our larger tote bag is unlined but comes with the added functionality of an interior hanging pocket.

Start Designing a Mini Tote Bag

A beautifully designed tote bag is the new must-have accessory to ensure your `bag for life’ makes the right statement and saves you money in the process. We use the latest printing techniques to ensure your personalised image is of the highest quality – you can add a single image or upload loads of your favourite photos to create a custom collage effect – simple slogans, sayings or lyrics are also effective – anything is possible as you are the designer.

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