Personalised iPhone 4/4S Cases - Design your Own

Make your device even more stylish with personalised iPhone cases from Wrappz. There is only one way to improve this simply breathtaking sleek, beautiful and bursting with functionality device and that is by designing your own custom iPhone 4/4s cases for it. We want your experience of making your case to be as easy as possible.

Although the hard plastic cases by Wrappz are streamlined and lightweight, they are deceptively rugged as well and protect your Apple iPhone against the knocks and scuffs a phone goes through on a daily basis. The case has proper cut-outs for camera, charging socket and volume control buttons. Our iphone 4s cases fit the iPhone 4.

Make Personalised iPhone 4, 4s Covers Easily

The cases can be custom made. To start making your protective iphone cases and covers, just upload your own images from your computer or pull them straight in from Facebook or Instagram and layout your images. You can even add background colour, add text or a special message in loads of different font styles and colours.

You don't even have to use your own photo. We have hundreds of our own gallery images that you can use to design an iphone 4 case. Our huge galleries of artist’s designs and stock images have a very broad range of genres with something to suit everyone. Our cases designer lets you select from our hundreds of slogans, sayings, funny quotes, background pattern images, and artwork to create your own customised iphone 4 cases.

Start Your Design Now

Get your Custom iPhone 4/4s Cases in just 1-2 days!

The cover designed by Wrappz makes it easy to keep your phone in one piece while keeping the device free of dirt, dust, smears and scratches. The personalised iPhone 4 cases make it easier to locate the device if it's forgotten in a restaurant or left behind at the gym. These are not

Our custom iphone 4 cases are made from high grade polycarbonate plastic making them extremely hard wearing. Unlike a lot of other inferior products in the market, your phone cases are waterproof and the design will be printed all around the sides and not just on the front of the case. And because we produce them in the UK, you can have your personalised phone cases for iphone 4 in just 1-2 days.

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