The iPhone 5 is a remarkable Smartphone. With its many apps and specialized features, you want to keep it safeguarded and protected in a case. You can design your own personalised iphone 5 case cover in your own style using your photos and text. All our cases are made from the highest grade materials and we print using the highest quality inks, this way it looks amazing and protects your device against everyday wear-and tear and scratches. The Wrappz iPhone 5 case fits the iPhone 5s

Make your own Custom iPhone 5 Cases Easily

It's super easy to create your own personalised iphone 5 custom case using our designer. Just choose the photos, collage or images you want on the case with the image printed on the sides too. You can even add text in a wide variety of fonts, sizes and colours. You can even choose images from our huge galleries of thousands of cool artwork, funny photos, slogans and backgrounds or import your personal pictures from Instagram or Facebook accounts. The choice is never ending for your cases for the iphone 5. So get creative and have fun!

Because the protective case can be customised, you can spot your phone much easier should you leave it behind in a restaurant or set it down among the papers on your desk. The lightweight hard plastic case is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s featuring cut-outs for speaker, camera, microphone, ports and volume control buttons.

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Wrappz makes your customised iPhone case using high grade polymer and the highest quality inks. All our personalised phone cases are waterproof.

Start personalizing your own unique case today. All the iphone 5 cases and covers are produced in the UK. So you will receive your custom iPhone 5 case in 1-2 working days if you live in the UK.


Top Tips for the iPhone 5 and blog spot

There’s nothing worse than being included on a massive group text with no end in sight. Actually, there is one thing that’s worse: Spam messages.

Thankfully, Apple’s iPhone 5 can address both problems thanks to recently added software features.

To block a spammer that’s sending you text messages or iMessages, simply open the conversations and tap “Details” in the top right corner. Then tap the “i” next to the phone number and select “Block this Caller” at the bottom of the screen.

For conversations you’d like to silence without blocking the contacts completely, there’s an easy solution for that as well. Tap “Details” in the top right corner of a chat and then tap the slider next to “Do Not Disturb” so that it slides to the right.

If you want to keep that shiny new iPhone looking pristine, then you need to grab yourself some decent protection. Whether you want something to match Apple’s stylish flagship design, something to safeguard it from accidents, or something to show off your personality, we’ve got you covered in this iPhone 5 case roundup. When it comes to accessories, the iPhone line has always inspired some imaginative designers. We’ve got unbreakable iPhone cases, gorgeous iPhone cases, retro iPhone cases – in short, we have an iPhone 5 / 5s case to suit everyone.

When using your iPhone 5  or iPad to view a photo within an album or viewing a photo from a Moments collection, you’ll see a thin timeline beneath the main image showing other photos in that album or collection. This is there for more than just information purposes.

Tap and drag on it and you’ll rapidly scrub through the photos, allowing you to switch to another quickly and easily. Give it a try Alternatively, you can just tap one of the photos within the timeline to switch to it immediately 

Train yourself to leave your iPhone on your desk or bedside table so that it’s screen-down. This helps avoid liquid damage should you spill something but, more importantly, it tells the iPhone to not wake in order to show notification messages. Therefore your battery will last longer.

Putting the phone face down also deactivates Hey Siri, so that it no longer listens for the magic words that will cause it to respond (Hey Siri is always-on with the iPhone 6S - unless you turned it off in settings - but only responds if the Lightning cable is connected on the iPhone 5 and 6; putting the phone face down deactivates it regardless of model).