Personalised iPhone 6 Cases - Design your Own

Personalised iPhone 6 cases are a must for anyone lucky enough to be in possession of this beautiful new offering from Apple. With the numerous exciting upgrades that are included in the new iPhone design including a significantly larger screen, you will need a hard and durable case to safeguard the phone from drops and other damage. The iPhone cases available at Wrappz can be designed using your photos and text to match your exact requirements.

The case can be customised with pictures, your name or a slogan on the front. Easily include a personalised picture from your Instagram or Facebook accounts, or select one of the artist’s images from the Wrappz Gallery. Upload as many photos as you like and arrange them to make a collage design, it's quick, easy and fun.

Create Your Own iPhone 6 Custom Cases

Wrappz is a long established, market leading provider of protective cell phone covers and offers durable hard case designs as well as several other types of phone cover to stylize and protect your iPhone. The cases precision made to fit the current iPhone design perfectly. Apple’s iPhone 6 features a larger camera and display screen, and is the ultimate competitor against such brands as Samsung and HTC.

Start Your Design Now

A bigger display screen, new glass cover and upgraded materials are all reason enough to make sure the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 stays looking its pristine best. The iPhone 6 will also be maintaining its sleek and slimline styling – all the more reason to choose a protective covering. A thin aluminum chassis makes it essential that the cover is rugged yet lightweight and reliable.

Get your Personalised iPhone 6 Case in just 1-2 days!

Our custom iphone cases are made from high grade polycarbonate plastic making them extremely hard wearing. So take time out to customise an iPhone 6 case for your new iPhone 6 today.