Custom Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Cases - Create your Own

While it's smaller than the regular S4, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini still features the same slim-line design. The reliable plastic construction, while sturdy, still needs protection against the everyday wear-and-tear that can occur.

At Wrappz we provide a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini case that will meet the challenge of protecting your device. The hard-shell cover fully safeguards the device from dents, dings, scratches and scrapes as well as any drops or falls that are inadvertently made. The case, which is designed to be customised, is a stylish accessory that will keep your phone in practically the same condition as the day you first purchased the device.

Make your Own Personalised Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Cases Easily

You can easily customise the case by uploading a picture from your computer or importing an image from your Facebook or Instagram account. You can even choose an artwork or a slogan from the gallery. Add your name, initials or a special message as well in a variety of font styles and colors for the lettering. You are in charge of the images you put on your Samsung cover.

You'll find that the software on the Wrappz UK site is exceptionally user-friendly. Once you choose your device, you're guided step-by-step on how to include images or text. Editing is a simple matter too. Rotate images, alter their size, or change a photograph to a sepia-toned print or a black-and-white image.

Start Your Design Now

Get Your Custom Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Case Cover within 4 business days!

Our cases are made with love and care right here in the UK at Wrappz HQ.

If you have any problems when uploading or editing, you can hit the "Live Help" button to get an answer to your questions or email the customer service representative. So, what are you waiting for? Design your own custom samsung galaxy s4 mini full image wrap case right now and get it dispatched within 2 days.