iPad 4 Cases

If you are anything like most Apple fans and love your iPad 4 (the fourth generation with retina display), you want to make sure you safeguard it from any kind of damage or potential accidents. While the options of how to do this are vast and complicated, choosing a hard case that can protect your iPad 4 from dust, moisture, accidental scratches and dents is a perfect solution to keep your device damage-free. Our personalised iPad 4 cases have been engineered to provide rugged protection for your device. Designed from high quality polycarbonate material, it combines durability with aesthetics, making it ideal for everyday use.

Lightweight and compact, the hard case also provides easy access to the camera, volume controls and the connector. And that’s not all! The impact-resistant case is waterproof, and you no longer have to worry about unexpected spills. It fits the iPad 4 snugly to provide a scratch-resistant barrier and is a stylish addition to have, unlike some of the bulky cases available on the market.

Personalise your iPad Case 4th Generation today

If you would like to add a personal photograph or a desired design to personalise your iPad 4, the choices are endless with our online app. You can combine an image with a slogan or quote for a truly unique look. At Wrappz, we rely on the highest quality polymers and inks to reproduce rich colour details that will make your image come alive. You can also make use of our app to choose from a wide variety of images and designs and give your covers a complete 'makeover'!

Get Your Custom iPad 4 Cases in just 3-4 days

All personalised iPad 4 cases and covers are dispatched within 48 hours of receiving the order in the UK, saving you time and money. Order today and get a customised case asap.

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