Tablet Skins

Give your tablet device with a custom skin from Wrappz. Made in the United Kingdom, using high-quality vinyl, our tablet skins will give your tablet a new lease of life. Designed entirely by you, you’re in control of exactly how you want it to look - add images or photos, create text and composite it all together using our easy-to-use editor.

The vinyl we use will help to protect your tablet from scratches or dents, and the custom skin you design will be one of a kind - none others like it in the world. As our skins are incredibly thin once applied, they won’t change the feel or form factor of your sleek tablet either, unlike cases or covers which typically add extra bulk to the design that can make it less enjoyable to use on a daily basis.

We have a range of tablet templates to choose from - pick your template and get designing. We’ll handle the rest!

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