Personalised iPhone 12 Cases

Need a stylish phone case for your iPhone 12? Our superfast and easy designing process means you can create a personalised iPhone 12 protected in no time! We’ll produce your custom iPhone 12 case right here in the UK, and we pride ourselves on no hassle, fast delivery that can be with you within 4-5 days.

Simply create your bespoke iPhone 12 case with our easy-to-use design templates and design tool. Simply select your preferred case type from the list below, then choose a design template and begin personalising! You can upload the photos from your computer, or even from Facebook or Instagram, and customise away! All images uploaded will be printed in the highest possible resolution to perfectly complement your smartphone. You can also add text and patterns to your design, so it’s the exact style of phone case you want. Or perhaps create the perfect gift with a custom iPhone 12 case.

Style is important, but not over practicality! That’s why any Wrappz phone case will work to not only accessorise your phone, but also protect it. If you want a hard phone case, sustainable phone case or minimal case, we have a range of options to choose from below.

Choose an iPhone 12 Case Type to Personalise:

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  1. £19.95
    • Co-mould Case (TPU & PC)
    • Slim form factor and lightweight
    • Shock absorbant
    • Surface Printed Only
    • Sides of Case are Undecorated
    • Great Design Templates
  2. £19.95
    • Eco-friendly
    • Biodegradable Co-mould Case
    • Scratch resistant
    • Shock absorbant
    • Surface Printed Only
    • Sides of Case are Undecorated
  3. £24.95
    • Faux leather material
    • Satin finish
    • Grey elastic fastening
    • Exceptional print quality
    • Stand feature for watching media
    • Outside fully printable
  4. As low as £16.95
    • Great design templates
    • Highest quality print
    • Fully printed case
    • Made in the UK
  5. As low as £19.95
    • Hard case with TPU inner liner
    • Great design templates
    • Fully printed case
    • Made in UK
  6. £15.95
    • Clear Flexible TPU Material
    • Surface Printed Only
    • Sides of Case are Undecorated
    • Great Design Templates
    • Made in UK
  7. As low as £24.95
    • Genuine Pebble Grain Leather
    • Soft Velvet Inner Liner
    • Choice of leather colours
    • Chrome buttons
    • Gold or Silver Foil Options
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone 12 & 12 Pro the same size phone case?

Technically, yes, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the same size phone, so cases can fit either. However, at Wrappz we custom create our cases for each model size, so we’d recommend getting the specific device size for the best possible fit and protection from your phone case. Check out our iPhone 12 Pro cases here!

Can I use an iPhone 11 case on the iPhone 12?

While the size of the screen is similar, the iPhone 11 and 12 are not the same size. When choosing a phone case for either, you should get the correct case fit. Otherwise the charging ports, buttons and overall case won’t line up correctly. Not only would this make the phone difficult to use, but it won't be very good at protecting your phone if it’s loose! Browse our personalised iPhone 11 cases here.

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