Personalised Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Phone Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE packs all the best features of the Galaxy S20 into a more affordable package - it's what happens when you make a phone with the stuff people want for a good price — and trim the rest.

Design your personalised Samsung Galaxy S20 FE cases. If you've just picked up one of these you’re in need of a high-quality mobile phone case from Wrappz.

Create mobile phone case designs using your own images or from our host of stunning design templates - either way, you’ll be able to customise it further to make it truly unique. Everything you need is in one place - the Wrappz Design App. Simply click ‘Start Design’ and our simple interface will explain the rest. Add multiple images, edit & adjust positioning and create text to make a Galaxy S20 FE case that nobody else will have.

  1. £14.95
    • Clear Flexible TPU Material
    • 100% Recyclable Material
    • Surface Printed Only
    • Sides of Case are Undecorated
    • Great Design Templates
    • Made in UK
  2. As low as £15.95
    • Great design templates
    • Upload your own photos
    • Highest quality print
    • 100% recyclable materials
    • Fully printed case incl sides
    • Made in the UK
    • Speedy delivery
  3. As low as £17.95
    • Hard case with TPU inner liner
    • Great design templates
    • 100% recyclable materials
    • Fully printed case incl sides
    • Made in UK
    • Speedy Delivery
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