Personalised Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Cases

Android smartphone is different for everyone. Different background, different layout different choice of apps, different contacts and different camera reel - why do we buy the same phone cases? Design a completely unique S8 Plus case with a little help from Wrappz and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Start by uploading images from your device, Facebook or Instagram accounts and move or adjust them into collages. Once you’re happy, think about any text or added touches you want to add, and you’re all set! Simply finish the design and we’ll handle the rest. We also recommend making a brew and relaxing while we get it shipped, which usually only takes 2-3 days in the UK. Nice!

  1. £14.95
    • Clear Flexible TPU Material
    • 100% Recyclable Material
    • Surface Printed Only
    • Sides of Case are Undecorated
    • Great Design Templates
    • Made in UK
  2. £19.95
    • Animal friendly faux leather
    • Black faux leather material
    • Front cover prints only (white base)
    • 3 card slots inside front cover
    • Made in UK
  3. As low as £16.95
    • Hard case with TPU inner liner
    • Great design templates
    • 100% recyclable materials
    • Fully printed case incl sides
    • Made in UK
    • Speedy Delivery
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