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Customise and protect your precious device with the UK's premium quality cases and skins from Wrappz. Your device will be at risk of scuffs, scratches and damage unprotected, and there's no better way to protect your tech than with a Wrappz case or skin.

We are passionate about providing products to allow you to be wonderfully creative, remarkably unique, fabulously individual, different. Our cases and skins are made to order and hand-inspected from corner-to-corner to ensure high quality products that you can count on

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So what is a hard case?

So what is a hard case?

it's everything your phone needs a case to be - it gives superb protection against drops and scratches, it's ultra slim so doesn't add bulk, and oh's beautiful

So what is a tough case?

So what is a tough case?

our heavy duty cases are built for those who want the ultimate protection. They're virtually indestructible with two layers for extra durability. The added liner cushions your phone against impact.

Our clear soft silicone case exposed...

Our clear soft silicone case exposed...

the clear soft silicone case combines protectivity and durability with a stylish slim fitting, manufactured using a high quality, flexible TPU material which provides excellent shock absorption

Our faux leather flip case exposed...

Our faux leather flip case exposed...

our faux leather flip cases are hard wearing and visually stunning, with the appearance of high-quality leather but a beautiful animal-friendly alternative to a real leather case.

Our clear hard case exposed...

Our clear hard case exposed...

our clear hard case is manufactured for durability to protect from bumps and scratches. This co-mold case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane and crystal polycarbonate making it sturdy and hard-wearing yet lightweight

Our customers love our cases...

Our customers love our cases...

our cases are made to order and hand-inspected from corner-to-corner to ensure high quality products that you can count on.

About our personalised phone cases

At Wrappz, we cater to a wide range of popular mobile phone brands and models, and we are continually adding to our range of templates available. Not only do we stock the best personalised phone cases for Apple iPhone and Samsung, but we also offer custom phone cases for Google Pixels, Huawei, Nokia and Blackberry devices. 

In the unlikely event that a case for your phone model isn't listed, contact us at [email protected], and we'll see what we can do.


Once you select the phone make and model you own, Wrappz asks you to choose the material of phone case you wish to personalise before the creative process begins.

Depending on the phone selected, we can offer a wide range of cases to print on. From genuine leather and faux leather flip cases to hard, tough and clear cases, each material offers something different in terms of print options and protection. 

Please check the relevant product pages for more information. We are adding to our style range all the time, so if you don't find what you're looking for, please let us know.


Yes, absolutely. Our in-browser design app makes personalising your phone case with your own images or designs simple. 

For the best print quality, please ensure your images are of the highest resolution possible. If you need any help validating the quality of an image, please contact our customer support at [email protected] - we will be happy to help.

Alternatively, if you need inspiration, we also have a wide range of design templates to choose from which are all fully customisable.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to uploading images.

• Upload from your personal device, including your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile;

• Or alternatively, you can upload images directly from your Facebook or Instagram social media accounts.

Yes, you can. After all, what's a personal image if you don't have your own caption to contextualise it? 

We have a range of text customisations available, including different fonts, font sizes and font colours. There's everything you need to add that extra creativity to your personalised phone case design.

We recommend following our guidelines regarding text placement to ensure your messages remain visible on your finished case.


Yes, all our personalised phone case types support wireless and Magsafe charging

This depends on the case type you select. Our Hard and Tough cases are fully printed so the edges of the case are fully decorated. Our Clear cases are printed on the surface only so the edges are not decorated.