With a new year, exciting new things come with it.

As we all know it, technology doesn’t stop. There are always new and exciting new developments, especially when it comes to products such as phones and tablets.

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With such a massive market, companies are always competing against one another to design and develop the latest piece of art that make our lives much more efficient.

So, what can we expect from the coming months of 2017?

The Release Of A New iPhoneApple Releases

Of course, there will be a new Apple phone being released. That is something that is always expected, and doesn’t go a miss.

It’ll be the iPhone’s 10th anniversary this year, which means big things are coming. It is rumoured that a massive change in design is coming about, refreshing the iPhone massively.

A model could swap the LCD display for an OLED display, which is organic light – emitting diode. This has been designed to wrap around the phone’s edges, a similar concept to the Samsung phones.

These displays will be lighter, thinner and even more flexible than previous LCD displays. This seems to be the trend for newly released phones. Another trend for the phone industry is having a monogram phone case in any colour with the addition of your initials or name. Design yours here.

It seems Apple will really mark the occasion.

Samsung Develops Their Flagship Galaxy Phone Even Further

Buy your Samsung S8 & S8 Plus casesThe Samsung Galaxy is known to the gadget that saved the company after the Note 7 recall, since previously bursting into flames. A new digital assistant has been confirmed by Samsung which will be powered by Viv, making your smartphone experience even more fulfilling. Find out more about Viv.

New exciting features start with the very high screen resolution with a 4K display, the addition of a second rear camera and increased security with an iris scanner. This will be included on both the Samsung S8 and the S8 Plus. Buy your phone case today and receive 15% off.

The reveal of the Samsung phone is expected to be at the Mobile World Congress show in February and there we will find out what Samsung are giving us in 2017.

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Samsung Just Don’t Stop

A foldable Samsung phone has been the height of rumours. It is known that the developers have been designing a foldable styled phone for years.

This type of device means you can view content on a screen size of a tablet, and then you can convert it down to a smartphone sized device, making it convenient for different moments in the day.

As the company have recently filed for a patent for this type of device, it has definitely fuelled speculation that the release will be soon, hopefully this year.

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