This guide will help you find the perfect gift for a student. Worry no more with our top 5 fun gifts for students.

Photo Collage Tough Cases1. Although the leading suppliers of smart phones have come up with some amazing innovations over recent years, some may say that the devices are not designed to be dropped. Many students will tell you about how they were on a night out and they dropped their phone and the screen smashed.

Every student needs something to protect their iPhone or their Samsung, even the ones that will insist that they never drop their phone, they will. The number one gift any student needs is a one of a kind tough case to help them survive student union.

2. Most students living on campus will have a laptop which they carry around and use for procrastination and sometimes a bit of studying. Over 30% of these students will be using an Apple MacBook which will all look almost exactly the same as each other.Don’t risk losing your laptop. Design a custom made laptop skin for your MacBook here.

customised photo collage laptop skin gift
3. Students may not be known for their amazing cooking ability but a lot of their parents may say that they are known for making a mess. Help them keep the mess to a minimum with a personalised apron.

4. Every student will be greatly for a customised mug which is theirs. One of the number one arguments in student houses is caused by mess left in communal areas such as the kitchen.

Never worry again about there not being any mugs left. Get your own mug that you don’t have to share with housemates.

5. Lighten the mood on results day with a celebration message on a bottle of wine or 5. For all students, results day will be full of either commiseration or celebration. Wrappz has a wide range of designs and slogans already available for you to make your own custom drinks labels for beer and wine bottles. This is the perfect results day or graduation gift.