A smartwatch is a mobile device, with the idea of being connected to your phone and to be worn just like a watch – on your wrist.

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It is much more convenient to have a smart watch; you can see your notifications on your wrist rather than getting your phone out every time. Also, it can be just like your own little pocket friend – if you need help it’ll be there, right on your wrist.

Changes that may happen

smartwatch guide

Being in 2016, technology has become even more advanced and one of the crazes at the moment is the smartwatch. As it comes closer to 2017, they will become even more popular and more developed as time goes on.

The guide to help your decision

The biggest help in choosing which smart watch is for you is what mobile device you already have, for example having an iPhone and getting the Apple watch.

This being said, there are a few smart watches that connect to both android and iOS devices. Many android smart watches are also compatible with iPhone devices, for example Alcatel OneTouch smart watch.

If you’re a fitness freak, get a smart watch with a heartbeat sensor and a GPS for when you run so you can track your progress. It is always thought that a lot of smart watches include both, but they don’t always – so always check.

Many smart watches only come in one size, and if it doesn’t fit, what is the point? There is a selection of watches where the straps can be removed to replace a better fitting and more comfortable band. Optimising your comfort for everyday use.

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