The Amazon Kindle e-reader books have been around for 9 years and we have seen 8 variations of its kind.  One of the most popular Kindles is the Paperwhite.

With one of the latest releases being a new and improved version of the Kindle, we want to know all aspects of it and if it really is worth purchasing.

The most exciting features for every bookworm


It is just so perfect for all of those book worms as it comes with a no distraction design. Built with touch screen input, no backlight and only one button for on/off uses, it really is perfect for getting deep into your favourite read – perfect.

The screen is fantastic even in bright sunlight. It is very very lightweight and almost too lightweight as I’ve been used to a brick. It was easy to set up, connect to wifi and down load all the 1,000s of books that I had in the old one.

Battery life, on any technological device, can be something that winds people up. But with this, there is no more rushing around to get it charged. With a battery life of a month before needing another charge.

Changes in the way Kindle looks

If you aren’t a fan of the typical black kindle, there is no longer a problem as Amazon have released a white version – gives it a much sleeker feel. Many have said can also have the effect of easier reading as it is closer to the page colour, whereas the black can make it feel like a boxed off screen.

The new Kindle has been reduced in size to 160mm x 115mm x 9.1mm, making it smaller than many other versions of the Kindle. Now rated the second lightest Kindle just behind the Kindle Oasis.  There is also no more angled casing, giving it a flat back. It makes it so much easier to fit into bags and even in a coat pocket so you can take it everywhere!

The downsides aren’t too bad

Now, the price of this new Kindle was a mere £69.99, or with the choice of a £59.99 one, but this one had adverts on the lock screen. The reason it is so much more affordable than other generations, e.g. the Paperwhite is because you can only download books on a Wi-Fi connection and not 3G.

The design and build of this version was made from plastic and many claim it has that typical plastic typed feel, which with newer technology everybody is trying to escape from.  A kindle cover can offer a much more comfortable feel and still prevents the slip from the plastic, click here.