Personalised iPhone SE cases are available immediately for the newly launched Apple device. With the launch of the iPhone SE, Apple are swimming against the tide of gargantuan handsets and reinvigorating the small. In essence this phone this for the consumer that still loves the smaller size but wants the power of a flagship phone.

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As it turns out, quite a few people prefer smaller phones. At its keynote event, Apple revealed that 30 million people bought its 4-inch phones last year which equates to almost 8 percent of the 232 million phones Apple sold worldwide last year – the iPhone 5s is currently the company’s second most popular phone, second only to the iPhone 6 and ahead of the 6s and 6 Plus.

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Like its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 range of handsets, Apple’s iPhone 6/6S and 6 Plus/6S Plus have dominated the landscape over the past two years, but based on the 4-inch sales outlined above Apple have seen an opportunity for a brand to recapture the market for non-gargantuan phones.


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So now we have the iPhone SE, which is essentially an iPhone 6s stuffed into a 5s case. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from the latest iPhone, including an A9 processor which is three times faster than the chip in the 5s, a 12-megapixel camera that also captures 4K video, and Touch ID. The only surprise is the omission of 3D Touch functionality.

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For those consumers that prefer the smaller handset, the iPhone SE is svelte and sleek, and although it is small, relatively speaking, it feels mighty. The same exemplary precision found on the high-end iPhones is also found on the iPhone SE, therefore although it may be a smaller and easier to handle, it packs the same punch as its bigger siblings.

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Handling the iPhone SE feels exactly as if you’re handling the iPhone 5S -the exterior frame remains the same in terms of sharpness and the same rounded buttons – however using the phone is a completely different experience as the power you encounter in a phone this small is surprising.

The A9 chip enables the iPhone SE to open apps just as quickly as the iPhone 6S and by including in the M9 co-processor, there are all the same specs and abilities that you’re getting on the newer phones too.

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In terms of spec, the camera is exactly the same as on the iPhone 6S and all the bits that Apple has shouted about on the newer iPhones can be found in this smaller package.

What Apple have done here is maintain a tried and tested handset design whilst overhauling everything within – in terms of performance and longevity the SE is far superior to the original 5S, and even current Android users may be tempted by this return to a smaller, easier-in-the-pocket sized device. Wrappz usual full range of collage builder templates are available for you to design your personalised iPhone SE cases today.

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