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  • Latest News on the HTC One 2 M8 Phone

    HTC seems to use a "James Bond" approach in marketing its HTC One Phones. For example, the HTC One phone was codenamed M7, and now, the latest version of the HTC One - the HTC One 2 is set to launch soon with a designated codename of M8. Indeed, figuring out what features the HTC One 2 M8 will showcase has fans of the phone wondering what "secret" amenities will be revealed.Select Your HTC Model: HTC Desire Skin | HTC HD Mini SKin | HTC HD2 Skin | HTC Once S Skin | HTC Wildfire Skin | HTC Touch 2 Skin | Other Models...

    Anticipating the Launch of the HTC One 2 (M8)

    If the past is of any help, the brand's former release date have typically taken place in February. Usually, the announcements are held in connection with the Mobile World Congress or MWC - an annual event held each February. For example, the HTC One phone had a scheduled launch date in 2013 of February 19th, which was just a week before the MWC gathering. Therefore, it stands to reason that HTC codename M8 will follow suit this year. So, expect to see the M8 go on sale in March, or, by the latest, of April 2014.

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  • The release of the LG Titan

    The LG G5 Titan was released back in February 2016. Before it was released, there was a big hype about the features that were on the phone.

    The development of cameras

    As phones develop, we all hope the camera gets better so we can treasure all our memories easily.

    The most exciting thing about the LG G5 was the wide angle rear camera. The idea of this was to capture a more extensive image of your location, whilst also being crystal clear – which seem to have worked well.

    LG have introduced the choice of 4 photo frame backgrounds. Your decision of black & white, vignette, fisheye lens and a blur lens.

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  • Samsung Unveils Windows 8 ATIV Smart PC Tablet

    It's time to switch between Android and Windows 8

    Technology giant Samsung has unveiled a new tablet that gives users the opportunity to switch between the Android and Windows 8 operating systems.

    The Ativ Q device, which comes shortly after Asus launched its own laptop-tablet hybrid that runs both systems, can be folded out for typing or set to act as a stand - making it a perfect purchase for professionals.

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  • Nokia launch the Lumia 2520 & More


    World-famous technology brand Nokia unveiled its first ever Lumia 1520 phablet and Lumia 2520 Windows 8 tablet at an event in Abu Dhabi yesterday (October 22nd).

    New products from the company could leave consumers feeling spoilt for choice when it comes to picking their ideal gifts for Christmas this year. The items could also provide competition for key rivals Apple and Samsung, which are expected to release new gadgets before the festive period.

    The extra-large handset - given the nickname "phablet" due to them being a hybrid of a phone and tablet - is set to give users the chance to chance which objects in a photograph are in focus after it has been taken.

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