Thinking of the perfect gift for father’s day? There are many different gifts to choose from but why not create your own photo cushion from just £14.95 to show off your creative and artistic side.

personalised photo cushionsChoose from a wide range of customisable gifts: mouse mats | passport covers | collage cushions | and so much more…

Transform your artwork into a photo collage cushion cover instead of just throwing away your favourite artwork to collect dust why not create a photo collage cushion with your personal favourite drawings and paintings on it that will have real meaning, nostalgia and impress your dad on his special day.

Personalised gifts for your dad can include special family photos, images of his favourite things or silly photos. There are many different designs and shapes of cushion to choose from. This personalised cushion will be the perfect present that will truly make your dad the happiest man in the world and make his day.

Special Gift Ideas for Dad

When thinking of what to get for Father’s day how about personalising a mug with a slogan, pictures, text or quote almost every dad loves a cup of tea so he’ll get to see your beautifully thought out gift every day of the week and I’m sure he’ll love that.

Instead of buying your father a random gift or typical father’s day gifts such as: a tie, try buying a personalised mug or cushion will show to your dad that you truly appreciate everything that he does for you on a daily basis and that you’ve actually went out of your way to come up with something different and unique to what you may have brought on previous father’s day’s.

So it’s time that you get creative and that personalising a gift today for your Fathers big day something on will never forget!

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