Is your smartphone destroying your sleep?

Keeping up-to-date with the latest news and messages from friends is increasingly common for tech-savvy consumers in the modern age, but it seems too much use of our smartphones could actually damage our sleep.

According to research, doing anything stimulating just before bed – such as replying to emails or reading with a light in your face – can lead to insomnia, which could come as bad news to those people who play on their phone before going to sleep. (See: Using your phone before bed could disrupt your sleep by an hour, warns scientist)

82% of people’s smartphones have it switched on at all times

Data suggests that more than 82 per cent of people who use this type of gadget have it switched on at all times, including when they are in bed. Many people that used a wallet flip case on their smartphone found that they would be less tempted to use their mobile during the night.

80% of people's smartphones have it switched on at all timesHowever, the Guardian newspaper’s resident health expert Dr Luisa Dillner said that keeping the device close by during the night can often tempt users to send a last text or email after the light goes out.

Four in ten adults admit they will use their smartphone if it wakes them up during the night

However, health experts have warned the gadget may disrupt sleep patterns even if it does not go off. Some cell phone users have found that on rare occasions, user’s smartphones are overheating when being left in a personalised case under your pillow, some people are now opting for individual iPhone skins as an alternative, as a safety measure.

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Research from the Rensselaer Polytechnic in New York revealed that being exposed to artificial light from smartphones and tablets suppresses melatonin levels in the body by 23 per cent.

Is your smartphone causing insomnia?

Analysts noted that because melatonin reflects how dark it has become outside – telling the body how ready it should be for sleep – using electrical devices could disrupt this and actually lead to insomnia.

“The findings echo those of other similar studies, which show using mobile phones and computers too much can lead to disturbed sleep and depression, particularly in young people.”

While it is important for tech-lovers to ensure they do not utilise their electrical items excessively, it is also important to keep them safe – as the high values of these products means they are difficult to replace if they break.

Purchasing a distinct phone case could help you ensure your smartphone is looked after at all times, while also providing an attractive add-on for your up-to-date tech products.