With all the releases of Apple products this year, there is bound to be a new iPad. It has been long awaited and everybody is hoping for a good change.
Just like the iPhone 7, there are rumours to suggest the iPad Pro 2 will be water and dust resistant – a good choice when the younger ones are using it. As well as not having a headphone port, it is likely adaptors are going to have to be bought.

Limited sized screens aren’t to everybody’s taste, which is why we are hoping that it is true about Apple releasing 3 different sizes, ipad prothe 12.9 inch, 10.5 inch and the 9.7 inch.

As all new Apple products are now in an array of colours (although not in the new MacBook) of course everybody is looking forward to seeing if the new iPad will come in rose gold, gold, silver and black – if you are one who isn’t a fan of these colours, there is always the choice of designing your own.

Improvements to the tablet we are all hoping for

True Tone display has been rumoured to be added to the iPad Pro as it will automatically adjust the white balance for a realistic experience and use of it.

The 12MP camera will have Live Photos and 4K video recording. The front facing camera will also see improvement and be upped to a 5MP camera along with a retina flash.

It has been 18 months since the last iPad Pro

Everybody has been questioning when the iPad Pro 2 will be released as it has been 18 months since the first iPad Pro came out. For Apple that is quite a long time as they usually release an upgraded version around 12 months after.

With the prolonged wait for this new product, it gets many people thinking about the hardware of the device.

If it does get released in March 2017 (which has been the month everybody is talking about) then the current hardware will seem to be too old for it, yet Apple haven’t mentioned anything about updating a new one? But they have mentioned the release of 3 new iPad updates within the space of 12 months, which in my eyes, is not attainable at all.

All our fingers are crossed

Shipments of the rumoured 10.5-inch iPad are expected to reach two million units in the first quarter of 2017 and may reach 5 to 6 million units in the year, DigiTimes sources said

Let’s all hope Apple provide us with another, amazing product.