Apple haven’t announced an official release date as of yet, however, they are fairly predictable with their gadget releases – September.

For example:

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A new cutting edge display

Rumours have suggested that a massive change is about to happen with the iPhone. It is thought that Apple is increasing the screen-to-body ratio. This follows the new trend of having an almost all screen body – just what the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumoured to have. Find out about iPhones 2017 gadget release.

However, a bigger screen could mean the removal of their beloved home button. It seems likely that it will now transform into a virtual button built into the screen. This was supported by a leak released in August 2016 stating “Apple is already at work on a major redesign for the iPhone that focuses on the display and removing the home button” We will soon find out the truth later this year.

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Will this be one of the best waterproof phones on the market?

When the iPhone 7 was released a few months ago, we saw the introduction of a water-resistant body. Gossip has revealed that the iPhone 8 is focusing much more on this type of phone, and will be increased to a more water tight design which helps to protect the phone. Design your tough case, click here.

Exciting changes are yet to come

One thing that consumers are most interested in is the specifications of the phone. With our thorough research, we have found some of the most likely tales that may happen.

It has not yet been revealed, yet we hope that Apple introduce OLED displays to the iPhone. OLED displays are great as they produce their own light, which will save power on the phone and could leave you with a battery that lasts longer. In addition to this, individual pixels can be turned off, allowing visible truer blacks that will improve the dynamic range. View our range of iPhone 8 cases, which is yet to be revealed to us.

Boosting power performance

It is likely that Apple will use a new system to improve the performance of the phone yet again. Power efficiency and boosted performance are among what will change.

There has been much speculation about the introduction of wireless charging, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7. This has been so talked about as Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium in February, which was responsible for Samsung’s wireless charging in the past – and with an all glass body in the mix, it is even more likely.

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