The big question on everyone’s mind is will Apple actually released a plus sized phone in 2017. Well, for the past few years Apple have done this, as seen with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, so it is expected again for the iPhone 8 Plus that will be released in just a few months time. Read more here.

10 year anniversary of the iPhone 8 Plus

10 years ago the way we use our phones changed forever, so it is expected that Apple are going to go big with upgrades for both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone Plus. As the iPhone 7 Plus was even better than the iPhone 7, we have high hopes for the much anticipated smartphone.

It seems Apple has really delievered for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, as they are set to release 3 models. This includes the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the brand new iPhone X. You can start creating your case here.

When is the expected reveal date?

The major trend seen by Apple is that September is the month where they reveal the phone to the world and October is when the phone is actually released for us to purchase, which explains why so many people think the iPhone 8 Plus will launch in the next coming months. Find out about the launch.

  1. iPhone 8 & 8 Plus: 22/09/17
  2. iPhone X: 03/11/17

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iPhone 8 Plus rumours

There have been rumours that the release of the phone will be delayed as production is proving difficult due to the integration of the finger print scanner. However other sources have told us that production is well under way with no issues at all. It seems we will have to wait and see for this one!  You can also shop for iPhone 8 cases.

The latest leaks about the iPhone 8 Plus screen

It has been suggested that Apple are making two versions of the iPhone 8 Plus and the difference will be the technology that the varying screens use. One version of the iPhone 8 Plus is likely to come with an LCD screen which is currently used by Apple phones and the other will come with OLED. Check out previous rumours.

The main reason why Apple is deciding with two screen technologies is because the demand for OLED technologies is too high at the moment.

Sources claim that the OLED screen is likely to have an edge-to-edge display with a fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen, rather than acting as a button in previous iPhone’s.

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