After a much anticipated launch from Samsung, the release date for the Galaxy S8 has been revealed. Keep your eyes peeled for Wednesday March 29th. See: Samsung Tough Phone Cases.

Samsung have taken their time when releasing this phone after all the issues from the Note 7. Something that Samsung are eager to forget about, I hope. With much improvement from the Samsung Galaxy S7, there is always time for a change, and everybody is hoping the Galaxy S8 brings this to us. Shop for your S8 case.

There has been much talk about what the new Samsung phone will have, but we can’t be too sure until the end of March. Just over a month to go.

What are the latest rumours?

There has been mention of a new Al Assistant, an artificial intelligence; dual lens camera; no physical home button; upgraded screen and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. A lot has already been leaked about what this new phone will hold for us. Read more.

Samsung are aiming to redefine what makes a phone with the Galaxy S8, so we are expecting major upgrades and improvements. Of course, now any phone that is released, there is more than one size, and Samsung have followed the trend again. Just as they did with their S7 & S7 Edge. Browse our cases.

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One of the phones will have a 5.8-inch display whereas the other will have a huge 6.2-inch screen. Both of these phones are rumoured to come with a Quad HD resolution and curved edges. Check out our S8 Plus cases.

Changes that you never thought you’d experience

One of the biggest changes that has been rumoured is the removal of the home button at the bottom, to create a close to an all-screen phone, with an aspect ratio of 18:5:9. With a 4K screen display too, it seems it will be the perfect device to watch films and TV shows on the go. The company are aiming to introduce a greater than 90% screen-to-body ratio, compared against the average 80% ratio on other smartphones. Our team at Wrappz supply phone cases for a range of Samsung devices. Click here.

Samsung’s technology tales

It seems the development of a new fingerprint scanner is on the cards too. Rumours have suggested it is called the FS9100 optical fingerprint scanner. However, we have all heard about fingerprint scanners from Samsung’s strongest competitor, Apple. But it is claimed that this scanner is much more advanced and important.

Supposedly, you can scan your finger through 1mm of full cover glass, allowing Samsung’s designers to hide the scanner underneath the glass rather than a button. This also supports the rumours of an all body screen.

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