The new iOS 10 update as been finally unveiled to the public it was released on the 13th of September and it included tons of new exciting features, well 50 new features to be exact down below we will be discussing many of the latest features in order to help you familiarise yourself with the new software.

This update is available on iPod, iPad and of course the iPhone.

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custom iPhone 7 caseWhat’s so great about the iOS 10 update?

Unbelievable notes feature:
• The Notes app on iOS 10 will now allow users to collaborate on notes.

• You can set this up by creating your own note and tapping on the collaboration icon at the top of your screen.

• After you tap on that icon you can decide what way you want to send the invitation this can be through Messages, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

The latest feature against scammers and fraudsters:

“iOS 10 will now allow you to download certain apps that warn you about incoming spam calls.”

• E.g. there’s new app named Hiya that provides a shield when it determines that an incoming phone call is coming from a number that has been previously known to be a scammer or fraudster.

New slideshow Camera features:
• On your photos app there is a feature called memories.

• This Memories feature collects together all photos that are based on the locations and times to automatically create video slideshows.

• This feature will rely on the photos that appear in your Camera Roll in order to create the video slideshow. So you can remember all those fantastic memories at the click of a button

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