Ever since the introduction of ‘Pong’ in the 80s the evolution of games and gaming has been a fascinating whirlwind of an experience. So much development in the realm of gaming has been revolutionary, almost transforming the concept of gaming into an art form rather than an activity one engages in to pass the time.

As is expected technology has had a large hand in why gaming is at the point of where it is today and how much further it can go in the decades to come. With all the improvements surrounding the gaming community perhaps the biggest to come out in recent memory is the introduction of 3D technology. This new technology has revamped and taken gaming to a whole new level as more developers and gamers are beginning to appreciate and implement the technology.

history of gamingToday, as 3D gaming is surging in popularity, more and more game developers are leaning on the technology. It has been noted that the first ever 3 dimensional technologies was revealed in 1987. The growth of the technology since that time has made it so 3D gaming has gone past mere computer games and is beginning to stretch into new areas of console gaming.

Additionally the overall cost of computers has significantly decline in comparison to the 80s. Not only that, but today’s computers are far more durable and powerful than their older counterparts. Because of this computers have become better equipped to handle and support 3D technology. It’s no secret how fast 3D gaming is gaining prominence in today’s world. The different qualities and features of 3D gaming offer a whole new experience of games for casual and avid gamers. Below are only a few benefits of 3D technology in gaming.

Evolution of 3D Gaming

The first advantage of 3D technology in gaming is its depth of field or vision. 3D technology saddles games with an extending vision of graphics for gamers with an easy and clear focus. This is especially helpful for 2D games with strong, stylistic graphics. For as human beings we are accustomed to seeing and experiencing things in a 3 dimensional capacity.

With 3D gaming our understanding and vision of foreground and background in games are clearly defined. This allows us to experience the graphics of a game with higher precision as the graphics have been more refined. Such a tantalizing display of quality graphics can only make for a greater gaming experience.

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Additionally, 3D gaming offers total immersion in the world of the game. There have been times where gamers recognize they are only playing a game which limits immersion to an extent. Yet 3D technology helps provide a sense of immersion that is both rooted in realism and fantasy. The boundaries of a television screen disappear as gamers are transported into the world of the game.

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Such an advantage can only cause developers to be more creative with the content they produce. This technology can only continue to grow as its full potential has yet to be realized.